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Unlike other investment partners

Can we take you to the next level? That depends if you are OK with mediocrity or if you are, like us, wealth planners and strategists with solutions designed to coordinate all aspects of your company’s financial future life including cash flow, operational procedures, product development, marketing, insurance, debt management, production, and human capital development.

The partner your business deserves

We are not a Private Equity firm. We are partners who support businesses in terms of their strategy and growth and assist to grow the business to the next level. Smits Enterprises specializes in assisting companies and enterprises during transitional phases of their growth cycle onwards to sustainable profitability. We are operational equity partners who have a well-established track record in taking businesses to the next level.


We partner with companies who are ready for the next step. We understand money. We understand business. We know that the next step can be a change of ownership for those who built an empire or thriving company and now needs to step back due to retirement or family responsibilities. We also know that the next step can be a business partner who wants out or a business owner emigrating. Maybe you are standing on the edge of greatness with an exciting new product or business idea that will catapult your company into the stratosphere, and you need all the help that you can get. Whatever the next step is that you need to take with your business, we are ready to take your hand. 

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Stable, consistent business leadership with time-tested investment philosophy and process control since 2001.


Smits Enterprises is a privately owned company, directly aligned with our partners, who understand the value in nurturing growth to greatness.


All our strategies have consistently been utilized to establish sustainable income-generating companies. Our main emphasis remains capital preservation and growth, even in difficult markets.


Smits Enterprises boasts a stable and diverse client base consisting of private companies, corporations and individual investors utilizing an array of our strategies to meet  individual investment goals.

Why partner with us?

We have the expertise and the operating experience to make a tangible difference in your company’s next step and beyond. We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, auditors, and operational specialists whose lifelong career ambitions were to focus on sustainable value creation through the unlocking of potential. 


Because we have direct operating experience in a variety of industries and companies, we ground our strategic advice in proven, seasoned experiences rather than academic or theoretical suggestions. 


Dedicated to Family-Owned or Founder-Led Businesses:  Our team, processes, and investment approach have been purposely designed to recognize the importance of people and is built on our strong reputation, and your future legacy. 

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