The Smits difference

We value what you have built. We highly value the employees, culture, relationships, brand, and reputation of your company.  Because we believe continuity is important, we encourage our partners to remain in leadership roles while we create and unlock further value together. 

We are the experts that can help you grow. We are entrepreneurs in our own right and have significant real-life experiences in most transitional business scenarios. We appreciate the challenges your business faces and can help bring you to the next level of revenue and profitability.  

What type of companies do we invest in?

We are selective in whom we approach and who we enter in partnership with. We believe that excellence begats excellence and thus we are looking for companies who are the leaders in niche markets. 

We would like you to have a positive cash flow and a debt-to-assets ratio that is palatable with an annual revenue of not less than R10 million but not more than R100 million. We are specialists in product development and manufacturing. We have solid business relationships with suppliers of infrastructure, industrial and business service companies, enabling us to identify strategic alliances for your company. We can help you recruit talent (if needed) and suggest/implement best practices while offering you unparalleled market intelligence.

Because we are a hands-on development and management team, we prefer our partners to reside in Gauteng, South Africa.

Our Team

Our strategic enterprise partnerships are driven by well-sourced, highly experienced professionals who work together with you in a team structure, sharing a common philosophy and goal: realizing your company‚Äôs full potential. 

We are long-term partners, and we bring more to the table than money. Our ethos is one of collaboration through expertise. We work hard, we do what we promised, wand we value transparency and honesty.  Smits Enterprises understand the inner workings of a family-owned or founder-led company, and we care about people. We enjoy overcoming challenges together with our partners. We are experts at striking the balance between strategizing without getting in the way of the executive team.

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